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Tutor Nation - Are you always on the go?

Tutor Nation can help!! We offer weekly/bi-weekly support to keep your student on track. Whether providing support to students who are struggling, or offering enrichment for parents looking to enhance their current curriculum… We can meet your needs!

Tutor Nation - Affordable

2 (30-minute) sessions = $50 (K-5)

1 Hour session = $50

Multiple sessions at a discounted rate. See packages below

Tutor Nation - Customizable

We can walk your student through their daily assignments and offer virtual 1-on-1/ face-to-face support. Sessions will be customized to your specific needs.

Tutor Nation - Our Commitment

Allow us to help you succeed. We can provide the support your student needs. We are not just a tutoring service, we employ high quality academic coaches.

Educational Packages

Get more Bang for Your Buck by purchasing a package today .... Remember sessions do not expire and can be used at anytime.


8 (30-minute) sessions

For K-5 learners- this option gives you 2-sessions per week for a month

8 (30-minute)

4 (1- hour) sessions

Perfect package to use on an as-needed basis while taking advantage of the discounted rate.

4 (1- hour) sessions

8 (1-hour) sessions

Want 2 sessions per week? This is the perfect option for students that need a routine schedule.

2 Per Week

Summer Sessions (8 weeks)

Avoid the summer learning slide. Students will receive weekly instruction and activities to keep their skills sharp. Available for K-8 learners. Includes a 1-hr session weekly.

Summer Sessions

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Our Academic Coaches stand ready to meet your needs, we provide courses ranging from Elementary Education through AP/Advanced High School coursework.







We Provide Educational Solutions

Tutor Nation provides quality educational support and academic coaching to our students.


Individual 1 Hour Sessions

Well suited for the student that needs occasional homework help or test preparation/review. One hour sessions are available on week nights and weekends, select a time that is best for you


Ongoing Academic Coaching

Designed for the student that needs bi-weekly sessions throughout the semester for academic intervention and grade improvement. Multiple packages are available at discounted rates.


Educational Consulting Services

We have educational professionals that offer guidance and expertise to students, parents and educational institutions by providing personalized plans to enhance academic performance and help in navigating educational challenges. These services include but are not limited to interpreting 504 and IEP plans, analyzing assessments, goal setting, determining best practices and strategies for success. This service is offered at a fee of $50
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Average American families spend thousands of dollars per year on kids sports training. Studies have shown that travel expenses alone for youth sports nationwide have reached $7 billion per year. Imagine if we invested the same in Academic Coaching ?

Parents and Students say ... "It Works!"

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Join the Tutor-Nation family. Our tutors are teachers and professionals in their fields. They are passionate about their areas of expertise and are eager and willing to help every students attain their much needed academic goals.


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